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Thanks for visiting us at Glaize Avenue Studios.

Unnamed at the time, we began our business in 2010. At first, we were serving our own music through performances, recordings, and photo/video shoots, but now we bring our experience to you.

We make sound a priority just as much as we make you a priority.


Whether you need a part recorded, audio mixed, sound designed, or music composed, we can help. Our team of professionals range in skills and talents to bring your project to industry standards. See our portfolio for examples of our work.

Jonathan and Angela, co-founders of GA Studios, are Doctors of Musical Arts with over 20 years of individual experience and 10 years of collaborative work.

We're excited to hear about your project. Send us a message if you'd like to work together.

Check out our co-founders' musical passion and expressive outlet, GS Duo.


As your mentors, producers, and teammates of

Glaize Avenue Studios,

we are passionate about working together to create great things.

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