Reality vs. Intentionality

❝Great results don't just happen. You have to be intentional.❞ @michaelhyatt 💪

This quote by my favorite productivity hero, Michael Hyatt, can resonate throughout every discipline. But in learning music, in what ways are you intentional?

Ask yourself this question: "Does my perception of reality reflect my intentionality?" 🤔 (Repeat this question a few more times. Now, out loud.)

Here at Glaize Avenue Studios (or GA Studios, for short), we are shifting focus to help others in how they learn music by using technology as a tool 🔨.

What does this mean? Well, we all use computers, smart phones, tablets, or other gadgets every day, right? As we learn music, whether it's "Mary Had a Little Lamb 🐑" or a Beethoven Piano 🎹 Concerto, the use of technology in our music practice can and will produce results faster than without.

This hasn't been "scientifically proven," of course, but by the experience of the musicians here in our studio (@gsduo to be specific) and amongst our other colleagues, many would agree.

So back to where we started: how are you being intentional in your music practice? 🤔 How might this change in 2020?

More tips, blogs, posts, and courses (yes, COURSES!) coming soon. Stay tuned, GA listeners! 🎧


Inspired by: "Great results don't just happen. You have to be intentional. via @michaelhyatt"

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