Your First 4 Guitar Chords…in 90 seconds!

Notes and strings are all well and fine but nothing beats the sound of harmony on the guitar. Jumpstart and expedite your guitar skills with these four simple chords.

First, identify your four fretting-hand fingers:

A little technical note: A shift is the way you move your fingers from one area of the fretboard to another.

There are two general types of shifts:

1) Common Finger(s): at least one finger stays down while you shift.

2) Guide Finger(s): at least one finger moves along the same string from one fret to another.

G - Em - C - D7

G —> Em = common finger = 1

Em —> C = common finger = 2

C —> D7 = common finger = 1

D7 —> G = guide finger = 3

Find the full video here on YouTube:

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